What our clients say about us

Maritime Raid Force - US Marines:

“KASOTC is the one-stop shop for our sustainment training, specifically involving advanced small arms tactics, rappelling, full mission profiles day and night, breaching, close quarters battle training, and raids,” said Staff Sgt. Daniel B. Burnap, a team leader assigned to reconnaissance platoon, MRF, 26th MEU. “It gives the guys an opportunity to brush up and improve on specific skillsets that we haven’t been able to on ship. “ 

Lieutenant Admiral Rob Bauer, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee:

“Today, I have visited KASOTC, I was pleased with the level of professionalism reached by this center, and the professional team who operate the center“ 

RECOIL magazine: 

“The impressive and sophisticated state-of-the-art - KASOTC- houses every conceivable training tool, range, and prop available to special operations organizations. Live-fire cities, interactive long-distance ranges, driving pads, airfields, drop zones, multi-level live-fire CQB shoot houses, and breaching ranges are managed and maintained by a full-time professional staff. KASOTC leaves little to wish for and was created as a dedicated training center by King Abdullah, himself a legendary special operations warrior.“ 

About the AuthorDr. Wes Doss is an internationally recognized firearms, tactics, and use-of-force instructor with over 30 years of military and civilian criminal justice experience. He's the founder, president, and general operating manager of Khyber Interactive Associates LLC and the Annual 1 Inch to 100 Yards Warrior Conference. He holds a master’s degree in criminal justice administration and a PhD in psychology. Wes is also a published author of the bestselling books Train to Win and Condition to Win.

U.S . Department Of State

“The OPO office ordinarily uses this unique facility to provide tactical skills training to the Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) contractors it manages who deploy to high-risk locations. However, both OPO and the Regional Security Office at the U.S. Embassy in Amman agreed it would make the perfect training venue for its FAST partners.“ 


“Access to this special operation training centr gives us an opportunity to work with large private companies and run governmental projects. Due to access to a huge training facility complex and access to a large amount of ex-special forces, law enforcement and military instructors we can run any type of training your company or agency needs.“


“KASOTC has the best and brightest subject matter experts who are capable of assisting each client with reaching their training objectives. KASOTC is a thinktank and a laboratory for modern military operations.“

Business Insider:

“They have trained military teams, private security contractors, and even the actors playing SEALs from "Zero Dark Thirty." They also hold the Annual Warrior Competition, a contest where the best special forces teams from around the world participate in exercises and drills.“

Pakistan Defence:

“Jordan's King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) is the centerpiece of the country's Special Operations capabilities and is routinely used by other countries.“


“Without doubt, these excellent training facilities have enhanced ISSEE’s ability to deliver a successful program. NATO have published a short video describing these facilities with reference to ISSEE’s presence, and we are happy to go on camera in support of this and say so!“

Lutheran World Federation in Jordan & Syria (LWF Jordan):

 Ms. Ameera Khamis, the country director of the Lutheran World Federation in Jordan & Syria (LWF Jordan) talking about her experience after completion the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course by KASOTC subject matter experts.

“Compared to other HEAT training that I took in other organizations and countries, I believe this one is the strongest comparing the training resources, the existing facilities, and the expertise of the training“