General Directors Message

General Director Message

The world is changing and warfare is changing with it.

We are living during a time when several conflicts rage across the world all of which are redefining the foundation of Special forces and counter terrorism operations an ever-changing reality which KASOTC constantly strives to adapt to.

Jordan has always been at the forefront of every battle that safeguards humanity, an unending mission that has brought the establishment of this one of a kind facility to fruition since its establishment of 2009, KASOTC has grown into the premier training destination for special forces of today.

KASOTC’s operating parameters are focused on driving the vision of his majesty the king of creating a global center for practicing unconventional warfare tactics and their role in confronting hybrid challenges and threats of today, the extraordinary combination of the cutting-edge training facilities, elite instructors, support staff and the integrated advanced technology, makes KASOTC the place "where advanced training meets advanced technology".

We are proud to have been the gates through which thousands of young men and women have joined the ranks of the elite be it as special forces, counter terrorism operatives or law enforcement specialists.

KASOTC has also aided countless humanitarian organizations and NGO’s prepare their staff for the realities they will face while conducting their missions in hostile environments around the world.

And as His Majesty the Supreme Commander King Abdullah II said “Special Forces Special operations are going to be on the cutting edge of the militaries for the next visible future, Special Forces, Special operations are going to be expected to take more and more of the responsibilities in ensuring the safety , not only in our countries, but working together with our neighbors".

KASOTC is the future…

Col. Nael AlShqierat

Chief Executive Officer