King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center

Home of the Annual Warrior Competition

Welcome to KASOTC, where combat instructors integrate with 21st century technology to enhance your training experience. Our facility specializes in the latest counter-terrorism, special operations and irregular warfare tactics, techniques and procedures.

King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center derives extraordinary success from this unique combination of elite instructors and advanced technology. When knowledge is combined with experience, a maximizing effect occurs to skills obtained, making the KASOTC experience unique to all other training facilities. We are the only reality-based, live-fire training facility of its kind in the world. Operated as a commercial enterprise, we are uniquely integrated with the Jordanian Armed Forces. This relationship is a bold innovation; providing access to military equipment and support that expands all training horizons.

Located north of Amman, Jordan in an old rock quarry, our twenty-five (25) square kilometer facility is safe, secure and isolated. It is equipped with multiple distance ranges; from a 1300 meter unknown distance range to a 300 meter, moving target range to accommodate most firearm requirements. We have a four story, close quarters battle (CQB), live-fire structure and the largest mock city in existence, 67 buildings, which include numerous arrangements from an Afghan village to an embassy. Special battlefield effects, live fire compatible throughout, with a fiber optic network connecting the Range Operations Control Center (ROC) to the hundreds of cameras, microphones, target systems, and simulators make testing your creativity in tactics, techniques and procedures a reality. Together with on-site lodging, dining, gym, pro-shop, weapons/equipment rental and storage; you can easily see why KASOTC is the ideal place to do what in necessary to prepare forces for the challenges of 21st century armed conflict.

Whether you are looking for a custom training package, a location for your own training or a site to conduct a joint and combined exercise, KASOTC will exceed all your expectations and become your optimum training solution.


The International Counter-Terrorism Training Center of Excellence